How To Fit Your Bra

At Diane’s, the heart of our business is the bra-fitting experience. We are passionate about helping all our guests look and FEEL their best. We provide custom bra-fittings for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Our motto is: “Every body is different, we fit them all.” We believe every body is beautiful and worth celebrating. Bra fitting is best done in person but there are times when a visit to the store isn’t in the cards. That’s where our Bra Calculator come in! With just a few quick steps you can find your estimated bra size.
That’s where our Bra Calculator comes in! You can find your estimated bra size in just a few quick steps. Please note that bra shapes and sizes vary between styles, and different brands also fit differently. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

How to properly position a bra on your body

The back panel of the bra should ideally sit in the centre of the back in line with where it sits in front.

The cups should hold your breasts fully with no extra space and there should be a smooth transition between the cup and the breast. All breast tissue should be encompassed inside the wire.

The piece between the breasts (the gore or bridge of the bra) should ideally lay flat against your chest, holding your bra snugly in place. If the front piece does not sit snugly against your rib cage, the band size will need to be smaller. If the front or back clasps are pinching, the band size should be larger.

Adjust the straps so that they sit snugly on your shoulders, neither so tight that they pinch or mark your flesh, nor so loose that they slide off your shoulders.

Firm comfort is the goal for the overall fit of your bra.

Bra Calculator

Wearing a non-padded bra, take two measurements using a fabric tape measure. The first measurement will be around your back and across the fullest part of your bust. Keep the tape close to your body but not pulled too tight and in the same line around your back as your bustline in front. This will be your bust measurement. The second measurement will be around your ribcage directly under the bustline. This will be your band measurement.
Please enter a value equal to / greater than 24.
Your bust measurement must be at least 1 inch larger than rib.
When you measure, you should do three things. First is round the number to nearest number. If it 36.5 inch, round it to 37. Second is making it even number. If it 37 inch, make to nearest even number 38. Third is do loose measurement, not tight.

Note: Properly measured bust size will give exact cup size.

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