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How do I know if my bra is fitting correctly?

The frame and sides should lie smoothly without cutting into the flesh. The cups should also fit smoothly without wrinkling. If that happens, try a smaller cup size. If the cups are cutting into the breast tissue, opt for a larger cup size. The breasts should fill the cups without overflowing.

How do I put my bra on?

First, slip straps over the shoulders. Then lean forward to fill the cups fully. Fasten the hook on the middle clasp then stand up and adjust the straps.

Why is there a relationship with a proper-fitting bra and overall health?

A poor-fitting bra results in bad posture and can cause back problems and shoulder and neck pain. A poorly fitted under wire bra, for instance, can harm the breast tissue itself.

Why are so many women wearing a bra that doesn’t fit them?

In many cases, the salespeople are not adequately trained in proper bra fitting. In other cases, research has shown that women will opt for “looking good” over the comfort that a proper fitting bra provides.

How often should I be fitted for a bra?

Twice a year. The average woman will wear six different bra sizes in her lifetime due to life changes such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause, weight fluctuations, the effects of the birth control pill and other transitions.

I have larger-sized breasts. What kind of bra is best for me?

Women with larger breasts should wear under wire bras, as they help support the shoulders and back. It’s also important that the cup fits properly.

I have very small breasts and usually don’t wear a bra. Is that a good idea?

It is always advisable to wear a bra, as over time, gravity affects even smaller breasts. Wearing a bra prevents the breasts from spreading to the sides, which causes widening between them. Wearing a bra also makes clothes look and fit better.

What range of cup size does Dianes carry?

32A through 46N.

How do I care for my bra?

To prolong the life of your bra, always wash with a mild detergent. We suggest Forever New Wash, as it is lycra friendly and will not make the fabric deteriorate. Washing the bra by hand is best for the garment’s longevity, but if you machine wash, close the back hooks and place the bra in a mesh bag. And never put the bra in the dryer. It’s a sure way to curtail the bra’s lifespan.

We recommend hand washing:

  1. Use delicate washing powder or liquid, don’t add softener or bleach
  2. Soak bras for 3-5 minutes in cold water (max. 30°), and rinse
  3. Gently press to squeeze out water, do not wring or twist
  4. Avoid folding moulded cups, padded, or t-shirt bras
  5. Lay flat on rack or towel to air dry

 But if you must machine wash:

  1. Attach back hooks together to avoid snagging
  2. Use a bra bather or washbag on cool, gentle cycle (max. 30°)
  3. Wash bras of a similar colour and fabric together
  4. Remove promptly and lay flat on a rack or towel to air dry
  5. No tumble dry! (It makes us cry)

Band is riding up/is too loose

There should be room for two or three fingers between your bra band and your skin. That way it’s snug enough to give support and still be comfortable. If your band is too loose it’ll slide around and drive you crazy!

Cups are too big and gaping/overflowing cups (top or side)

This can happen for many reasons. Your size may have changed, you may not have had the right size to begin with, or the bra may have stretched over time. No matter the cause, an ill-fitting bra is always uncomfortable.

Straps falling down/slipping off or digging in

If your straps are always falling down, even when tightened, then they have likely stretched out. If they dig in it could be because the bra has lost support in the band and cups so all the weight ends up in your shoulders.

Band is on middle or tightest hooks

You should start a new bra on the loosest hooks and as the band loosens you can move in to the middle or tightest hooks. All bands will become too loose eventually, so at this point you should get a new bra that fits you more snugly.

Uncomfortable/Not making you feel sexy any more

Are you fidgeting all day trying to keep you bra in place? Is the sexy lace number you bought starting to wear out? You deserve lingerie that makes you feel happy, comfortable and sexy.

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