Get Fitted and Get Fit!

Get Fitted and Get Fit!

Get Fitted and Get Fit!

It’s that time of year again when many of us move our workout from the great indoors to the great outdoors. We haul out our bicycles, dust off the rollerblades, bust out the rackets, book a tee time, join an ultimate team, and lace up our runners.

While we encourage and applaud you for being active, we shudder to think of all of you who engage in moderate to intense exercise without wearing a supportive sports bra. (Ouchie!) Resorting to wear one of your old and stretched-out bras because you don’t want to ruin your good bras doesn’t make sense. When you’re moving, your girls are moving. Breast tissue is under duress. If anything, you need MORE support when exercising not less. Of course, we don’t want you to ruin your pretty bras either. The smart solution is to wear a sports bra that will support you and your fitness goals.

Anita Active 

This incredibly comfortable bra offers light but firm support. Perfect for yoga, pilates, cycling, hiking, gardening, pumping iron, and all those other low-impact activities you enjoy where controlling boob bounce is not an issue. Available in A-G cups.

Anita Momentum

Our best-selling running bra will hold the girls in place whether you’re training for a marathon, running to catch the frisbee, or performing burpees at boot camp. The smooth cups have a velvety terry lining that is soft against the skin and wicks away moisture. You’ll also love the thick straps and airy mesh back. Sporty Spice approved. Available in A-H cups.

Anita Delta Air Control 

Popular with tennis enthusiasts, golfers and runners alike, you’ll feel supported doing high or low-impact activities. Terry-lined molded cups, moisture-wicking mesh panels, and vents under each cup to prevent boob sweat. How could a girl ask for more? Available in A-H cups.

Anita Extreme Control

Extreme comfort meets extreme control. Designed specifically for H to K cups, this bra does the heavy lifting for you. With deep five-part cups, special ventilation zones, and double-reinforced shoulder straps, you’ll be lifted, contained, and prepared to crush your fitness goals.

Available in H-K cups.

Ulla Dessous Kate

The seams, padded straps and underwire of this plus-size sports bra will have you looking and feeling like the warrior you are. If you prefer that “locked and loaded” sensation with minimal bounce, then this is the bra for you. Available in E-K cups.

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