Diane’s Sports Bra Guide – Find Your Fit


Diane’s Sports Bra Guide – Find Your Fit

Sport Support

Getting ready to kickstart your year with new health and fitness goals? Then you absolutely need a properly fitting sports bra! You’d be surprised by the amount of women who wear their regular bras, stretched-out old sports bras, or the wrong sizes to workout in. A lack of support can lead to discomfort and back pain, and even connective tissue damage that can cause stretch marks and sagging.

Why is it so hard to find the right sports bra? It seems like shopping for such a common garment should be easy, yet many women still end up with ill-fitted bras. When your sports bra is too loose it won’t provide enough support during your workout. If it’s too tight it can be restrictive. You should feel supported and still be able to breath comfortably in your sports bra—and you should never need to wear two at once.

Our sports bras come in a range of support levels and sizes up to a K cup—kickstart your New Year’s workouts with 20% off sports bras from January 16th-31st! Available in-store and online, some restrictions apply.

Sweater Sports Bra by Prima Donna

Signs Your Sports Bra is…

Too Tight:

  • It’s chafing – this is a clear sign that it’s the wrong size, your bra should never chafe
  • It’s restrictive – you should be able to move and breath comfortably, even if you wear it for hours
  • It fails the finger test – you should be able to fit two fingers between the strap and your shoulder
  • The cups overflow – the right bra will provide full coverage so you don’t have to worry about wardrobe-malfunctions during your workout

Too Loose:

  • The cups pucker – you may need to downsize, or try a different style that fits you better
  • The band rides up – lift your arms over your head to test if the sports bra stays in place
  • It fails the jump test – jump, jog and shimmy in your bra to make sure it works no matter what you’re doing

Be sure to buy the right sports bra for the right activity. You’ll need a higher-impact bra for an activity that requires a lot of movement like running, and a lower-impact bra for a more static workout like weight-lifting.

Momentum Sports Bra by Anita

Build Momentum

The Momentum Sports Bra by Anita is built for high-impact activities for regular and plus sizes. This wireless sports bra features seamless cups and moisture-wicking terry cloth to keep you comfortable all day long. The padded straps are wide for extra support, and the back is made with a breathable mesh fabric. Available in BlackNude and the new Iconic Grey. Bands: 3044. Cups: AH.
In-Pulse Sports Bra by Empreinte

In-Pulsive Purchase

Introducing the new In-Pulse Sports Bra by Empreinte! After 3 years of development, research and testing, Empreinte has entered the activewear world with In-Pulse, an athleisure-inspired sports bra with a modern graphic vibe. This exciting new arrival features breathable foam spacer cups, underwires for ultimate support, and a fun graphic print! Available in Black, and Bubble Pink. Bands: 2838. Cups: DH.

Kate Underwire Sports Bra by Ulla Dessous

Ulla Underneath

The Kate Sports Bra by Ulla Dessous is designed to provide a combination of fit, support and comfort. The shoulder straps have an ergonomic design to ensure comfort, while the cups feature large side support panels for optimum fit. The antibacterial fabric inhibits the buildup of odours, and feels soft on the skin. Available in Black and White. Bands: 3246. Cups: EK.

Special Offer – 20% off sports bras from January 16th-31st!*

*Available in-store and online, some restrictions apply.

Sweater Sports Bra by Prima Donna

Ready to kickstart your year with a new sports bra? Come to Diane’s, we’ll find the perfect fit for you and your girls!

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