5 Types of Bra Every Woman Needs (and When to Replace Them)


5 Types of Bra Every Woman Needs (and When to Replace Them)

Your lingerie drawer is like a second wardrobe. If you have the perfect dress, the perfect pants, and the perfect shoes, then getting ready is so much easier! And it’s the same with bras. Here’s our top 5 signs it’s time to replace your bra, and 5 essential styles that every woman needs in her lingerie wardrobe:

When to Replace Your Bra

When to Replace Your Bra

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Bra:

1. Band is riding up/is too loose
There should be room for two or three fingers between your bra band and your skin. That way it’s snug enough to give support and still be comfortable. If your band is too loose it’ll slide around and drive you crazy!

2. Cups are too big and gaping/overflowing cups (top or side)
This can happen for many reasons. Your size may have changed, you may not have had the right size to begin with, or the bra may have stretched over time. No matter the cause, an ill-fitting bra is always uncomfortable.

3. Straps falling down/slipping off or digging in
If your straps are always falling down, even when tightened, then they have likely stretched out. If they dig in it could be because the bra has lost support in the band and cups so all the weight ends up in your shoulders.

4. Band is on middle or tightest hooks
You should start a new bra on the loosest hooks and as the band loosens you can move in to the middle or tightest hooks. All bands will become too loose eventually, so at this point you should get a new bra that fits you more snugly.

5. Uncomfortable/Not making you feel sexy any more
Are you fidgeting all day trying to keep you bra in place? Is the sexy lace number you bought starting to wear out? You deserve lingerie that makes you feel happy, comfortable and sexy. Treat yourself!

5 Bra Styles That Every Woman Needs:

Avero Multiway Bra by Marie Jo
Verity Spacer Bra by Empreinte

#1: The T-shirt bra

T-shirt bras provide comfort and support, but most importantly they are smooth and invisible under tight or thin tops. Every woman should have 2-3 t-shirt bras in her collection for everyday wear.

Avero multiway by Marie Jo
The Avero Multiway bra by Marie Jo is one of our top selling bras! Avero features straps decorated with daisies and a modern checkered pattern on the cups. Don’t worry, these details remain invisible under clothing! Wear the multi-functional straps straight, as a halter, cris-crossed, or exchange them for clear strapsAvailable in A-E cups 30-40 bands, in Latte & Black.

Verity spacer by Empreinte
The Verity Spacer by Empreinte is simple, feminine and comfortable. It provides invisible support to women from a C all the way to an H cup! Verity is perfect for larger busted ladies looking for a beautiful yet breathable t-shirt bra. Available in C-H cups 30-42 bands, in Blush & Ardoise.

Greta Bralette by Janira

Clara Comfort Bra by Anita

#2: The Wireless bra

Wireless bras, or bralettes, are perfect for low impact activities like wearing around the house or traveling. They are comfortable and low maintenance but still provide some support. You may just forget you’re even wearing a bra!

Greta bralette by Janira
The Greta lace bralette by Janira is a wardrobe essential for every woman! It’s wireless with mesh lined cups for maximum comfort. The high apex and soft elasticized band offer support. This pretty lace bralette features adjustable straps and hook and eye back closure. Available in 32-38 bands. Available in Black, White, Dune & Indigo Blue.

Clara comfort bra by Anita
Clara Comfort Wireless Bra by Anita is a simple and elegant everyday bra. The 3-part cups are made of fine microfibre that hugs the skin. Clara provides firm support with adjustable straps and double layered lower cups in the larger sizes. Available in B-H cups 34-44 bands. Available in Skin & Black.

Delice Full Cup Plunge Bra by Simone Perele

Cassiopee Seamless Bra by Empreinte

#3: The Statement bra

Every woman needs a statement bra that makes her feel sexy and confident. Find a bra you want to show off, with Swarovski crystals, delicate lace, or striking colours. These wow-factor bras can be for evening or anytime!

Délice full cup by Simone Perele
The Délice Full Cup Plunge Bra by Simone Perele is soft and sensual. It features Austrian embroidery of flowers and wild grasses on elastic tulle. The plunging neckline let you show a little décolletage for a daring effect. Available in B-F cups & 30-38 bands. Available in Hypnotic Purple, Moonlight & Blush Pink.

Cassiopée seamless by Empreinte
The Cassiopée Seamless Bra by Empreinte features luxury materials, including lace from Maison Sophie Hallette (the same lace-maker of Kate Middleton’s gorgeous wedding dress!) It took two years to develop this delicate elastane-free embroidery that also provides firm support. Available in C-G cups & 30-40 bands. Available in Rose Sauvage & Black.

Momentum Pro Sports Bra by Anita

Kate Sports Bra by Ulla Dessous

#4: The Sports bra

Every woman needs a good sports bra! A high quality sports bra will prevent bouncing, feel great, and stand up to the demands of any workout. Rigourous movement can cause pain and a loss of firmness in breast tissue so be sure to wear the right kind of sports bra for your style of exercise. You’ll want to have a lighter sports bra for low impact sport like golf, and a tougher sports bra for high impact sports like dance.

Momentum Pro sports bra by Anita
The Momentum Pro Sports Bra by Anita is designed for high impact exercise. Inspired by boxing champion Christina Hammer, this bra combines crossed, front-adjustable straps with seamless molded cups. Momentum Pro’s sweat management technology transports moisture away from the skin to the outer side of the bra, where it will evaporate. Available in B-F cups & 32-40 bands. Available in Black.

Kate Plus Size sports bra by Ulla Dessous
The Kate Sports Bra by Ulla Dessous fits women all the way up to a K cup. The ergonomic shoulder straps and side support panels in the cups provide firm support and comfort. Kate’s antibacterial material inhibits the build up of odours in the fibre. Available in E-K cups & 32-46 bands. Available in White & Black.

Tom Strapless Bra by Marie Jo

Red Carpet Strapless Bra by Wacoal

#5: The Strapless bra

A strapless bra is essential to every woman’s wardrobe. Removable straps can be used for a multi-way effect, or you can wear them 100% strap free! No cute strappy dress, off the shoulder top, or evening wear stunner is complete without a strapless bra to work with, not against, your outfit. Invest in a strapless bra to save your summer wardrobe.

Tom strapless by Marie Jo
The Tom Strapless Bra by Marie Jo is a perfect summer staple. Wear it strapless, as a halter or straight! The soft microfiber cups are invisible under any outfit and create a natural looking, round silhouette. This comfortable and stylish bra is a must-have. Available in A-E cups & 30-38 bands. Available in Black Latte.

Red Carpet strapless by Wacoal
The Red Carpet Strapless Bra by Wacoal is the #1 strapless underwire bra in America! It’s comfortable and supportive with or without the removable straps. Red carpet features a cushioned bottom band for comfort, a hidden anchor that stabilizes the bra, and silicone along the neckline to ensure your bra stays in place.  Available in C-H cups & 30-40 bands. Available in Black & Nude.


Want to refresh your lingerie wardrobe for the New Year? Our fitting experts at Diane’s will help you find the perfect bra for you and all your wardrobe needs. 

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